In 2019 we realized a movie for FAW's Honqi concept car. We shot the commercial in the production and design facility of Creative Wave in Germany.

The futuristic looking spot was shot in a light stage setup with more than 30 Astera LEDs tubes. We programmed the light tubes for numerous different light settings to create a dynamic mood for the movie. A particular challenge was to tell the dynamics of the futuristic car design using animated lighting moods in a static location. Since Honqi was a concept car and no functional motor could set the car in motion, we had to simulate the driving dynamics of the car using fast camera movements and dynamic cuts. We also wanted to tell a storyline with our actor that fits the character of the vehicle. Honqi is a future hypercar with an electric drive and more than 1000 hp.

The title of the film: Beat your alter ego underlines the aggressiveness of the car and allowed us to tell a symbiosis between car and vehicle on an illusory level. The main character gets into the car and races around with his own ego. The driver enters a tunnel and switches off his own ego during the race. The car triumphs over him and cannot be tamed. Those who look into the future look deeply and, despite their boldness, cannot rely on themselves. He has to become one with the machine.

The shoot was completed within a day and posed a great challenge for the Blackship film team. We can claim to have successfully mastered this task and the film was celebrated by our client. The main challenges of the shoot were the short preparation and shooting phase. A super aesthetic product had to be properly staged in just a few conversations. Since the concept car was only partially operational, we had to create a clever workaround to skilfully hide the technical limitations in the film. In addition, the communication within the various technical trades: direction, camera, lighting, programming, vehicle and building technicians as well as the management of Creative Wave was a positive challenge for everyone involved. A light stage that can be programmed and controlled via an app and a construction for the ceiling lighting were built in a very short time. In doing so, all safety regulations were meticulously observed in order to exclude damage to the over 1 million expensive prototype. The cooperation of the teams was a masterpiece and brought us a big step forward in a positive sense.

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It has always been our aim for FAW to produce a car commercial that impresses with dynamism, innovation and strong visuals.

▽▽▽ Check out some of our awesome project pictures here ▽▽▽

For the famous Chinese automobile company FAW we produced a futuristic car commercial in cooperation with Astera LED Technology and the concept car design studio Creative Wave.

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