As part of the Tree Concert project, we created a high-quality campaign film for BBDO, Bund Naturschutz and Carcasse, which contributed significantly to the success of the project.

Tree Concert won several prestigious awards and the film was presented as part of this publicity work. We shot the film in Berlin, on location in Monbijou Park, where the public installation was placed. With a sophisticated camera crane construction, we filmed the tree and the installation day and night. After the recordings, the film was cut and completed with a sound design and music track specially designed for the film.

The challenge: The BUND wanted to encourage residents and tourists of Berlin to donate for the preservation of the threatened 400,000 city trees. BBDO Berlin solved the task in a particularly imaginative way: They organized a benefit concert with an original testimonial - a 100 year old chestnut tree. A unique musical instrument was specially built for him, a touch-sensitive membrane construction. This made every falling chestnut part of an artistic composition of sound and light. Donations could be made via SMS. As a thank you, the tree played a personal greeting. Afterwards, a remix of the melodies was recorded and published on iTunes to give everyone the chance to enjoy the Tree Concert.

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A poetic film that harmoniously captures the colors and movements of the tree and installation.

▽▽▽ Check out some of our awesome project pictures here ▽▽▽

The Tree Concert film project was part of a larger campaign about the importance of trees in Berlin and tree death.

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