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We shot a film for the Wagner Group Freiraum Incubator and AAI Munich for their spray drone, which clearly explains the functionality of the intelligent drone and the future areas of application.

As part of the project, our film team carried out all the essential steps from pre-production and post. Together with the client and our partner from the Technical University of Munich and the Institute for Applied Artificial Intelligence, a shooting concept and schedule was organized. The shooting took place at the Wagner Group's headquarters in Germany. Together with the technicians on site, a film set consisting of a house backdrop with a window was set up. The setting of the stage was deliberately simply staged following an experimental setup. The explanation of the functionality and the areas of application of the drone were in the foreground.

Our film team then shot short sequences of the spray drone in action. Since the drone was a prototype, we had to stage various functionalities of the system in order to conceal technical limitations and explain the most important technical processes to the viewer in a comprehensible way. In post-production, important adjustments were made, the cutting frequency was precisely tailored to the film and feedback and other adjustments were made in consultation with the client. Finally, the clip was provided with a soundtrack and a subtle but high-quality sound design. Various text and title graphics animations were added by our animator. All in all, an important job for us and our client to enable further financing rounds and investments in the development of the drone.

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The Wagner Freiraum Incubator drone project is a unique project which explains the use of intelligent spray systems via flight platforms in an impressive way. We love projects in the early stages. As a partner our work has a positive influence on the further development.

▽▽▽ Check out some of our awesome project pictures here ▽▽▽

We are super proud to teamed up with WAGNER Group and Applied Artificial Intelligence Lab to film their latest paint spray drone.

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