We developed a high quality corporate identity package for the product launch of the light safety signal BLINQ.

It is a warning triangle is a necessity for drivers all over the world. In all EU countries it is required by law to carry it in your vehicle. Yet warning triangles have remained virtually unchanged throughout their existence without innovation. With BLINQ, the warning emergency sign for the 21st century is here to change the status quo. With standard emergency warning signs, the setup process takes several steps, all which take time. Although relatively brief, these are steps you have to take when every second counts.

BLINQ is weatherproof and will work in extreme conditions. With standard emergency warning signs, you’ll have to set it up while battling against elements such as strong winds, pouring rains, and raging snowstorms. On top of that, these conditions can limit visibility. Others motorists might not be aware of you and your vehicle until it’s too late. With BLINQ, you probably won’t even have to leave your vehicle. And if you do, it won’t break or falter on you. With BLINQ you will not need to get out of your vehicle to set it up. It is ready in less than 10 seconds. You will have maximum visibility, day or night, rain or snow.  

From the very start of this exciting and challenging project we were thrilled to come up with an outstanding design and rendering approach for this innovative product. In the course of initial discussions with customers, we quickly found a common denominator and started the visualization process with the help of excellent 3D data. Since BLINQ was a completely new and independent design, we knew that the presentation had to be right right away. The project was divided into the following sub-processes by our creative team: conception, layout, corporate identity design, 3D visualization, animation, rendering, print and launch. All processes had to mesh perfectly in order to meet the high demands of our client within a short timeline and limited resources. In order to prevent any communication inconsistencies, we have been in close contact with the BLINQ management from the start. This resulted in very good influences which, in the further course, let the cooperation be described as reliable, straightforward and successful.

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One of our special features is certainly the close connection between creative skills, be it ideation, conception and, on the other hand, the efficient and high-quality elaboration of the specifications of our clients.

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Design and Product Visualization of BLINQ. A groundbreaking light safety signal for drivers.

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